The chicks above my door are growing. I’m sure that they’ll be gone soon and I don’t have a really good photo of them just yet. This is the ‘best’ one that I have. I like it because it is somewhat abstract, but shows their activity. Momma comes and feeds them many times per day. She stays quite busy! Whenever I hear them cheeping, I grab my camera, try to get a shot; however, the angle is such that it is difficult. Also, the window was somewhat dirty, making focusing difficult. I’ve just come back in from cleaning it, now I have a nice clean portal through which to view. That doesn’t change the angle of the shot, but it might make it a little better.
I do have one shot that shows momma and two of the four babies, but I don’t like it as much as the abstract one, but here it is, just for comparison. They are growing rapidly. Last week, I could only see beaks sticking up above the nest. Now, I can see their entire bodies. I’m enjoying getting a glimpse into their world before they leave. I’ll keep making attempts to get better shots, but if I don’t, I still get the joy of watching them feed. Even Tony likes it. 😀

Rabbit appreciation day cancelled!
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