Yesterday, Vanessa and I attended the Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade in downtown Charlotte. Each time that a band passed, especially one containing drums, I got a little bit of ‘bop’ in my step. Vanessa asked if hearing the sounds of the drums brought back a little nostalgia. I answered, yes. It brought back lots of memories of playing in the high school band.

I remembered us marching in parades, half-times at football games. playing drum riffs in the stands trying to keep warm and, well, because it was fun. Although the people in the band usually got tagged with the moniker, band geeks, some of the coolest guys in the school were in the drum section. For the most part, most of us probably had expressions on our faces like this guy, tongue stuck out, concentrating on the music, having a great time.

Those were some good memories and the sound of the drum, off in the distance, or nearby, is always a welcomed sound to my ears. 🙂

At the edge of the lake
Blind spot