Paul: Por favor, dos boletos, primera clase a Dolores Hidalgo. – Please, two tickets, first class, to Dolores Hidalgo.
Agent:No se puede comprar un boleto de primera clase a Dolores Hidalgo. Los todos son de segundo clase. – You can’t buy a first class ticket to Dolores Hidalgo. All of them are second class.

And so began the trip to DH. 🙂 When the ticket agent gave me the answer, immediately, I had visions of movies that I’d seen. I imagined us riding in a bus with dogs, chickens, a rooster or two, and sweating the whole way sitting next to a kindly abuela (grandmother) offering fish tacos or something to eat.

As we waited for the bus, we wondered what it would look like. When the bus pulled up, we were quite surprised, actually. Inside it was very nice. Each seat-back had an individual television as well as there was a large TV at the front. As you can see from the photo, a lady came aboard offering, for purchase, snacks and drinks. There were no chickens to be found anywhere. I will admit, though, it would have been a much more photographically interesting trip had there been chickens involved! I’m sure of it. 🙂

The ride was very comfortable. The odd thing was that we kept stopping, like a city bus, to pick up and drop off people who lived out in the country. For a few pesos, they could get a ride down the road a few kilometers.

Upon mentioning this to my Spanish teacher, the next day, she said that the buses are good now, but that they used to be like I had imagined, and even worse: No air conditioning, chickens, goats, even dead people in coffins were transported on the bus! Talk about interesting! LOL – We picked up no such people or items along the way. It was just a nice, quiet ride, punctuated by the occasional stop along the road.

We arrived in DH in fine style, set out to try the different flavors of ice cream, or nieve (snow) that they are known for, such as tequila, shrimp, kiss of the angel, guacamole, etc. More on that later.

Tomorrow: We got first class tickets for Guanajuato! 😀

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