My last day in NY was a Saturday. Not my original plan, but it’s just how it worked out. So, I decided to take a walk through Central Park, some 34 blocks from the hotel, or about slightly over 2 miles to the entrance. It was quite the balmy morning, as all of the mornings had been during the week … just like home, about 78 degrees and 80%+ humidity. The comforts of home. 🙂

My walk took me directly through Times Square and on to the park. My hotel was at 25th and 7th, the entrance to the park, 59 th and 7th. A straight shot. By the time that I got to the park, some 36 minutes later, I was sweating quite readily. I’ve taken to carrying a towel with me on my walks and it was already quite damp.

I strolled around the park a bit, taking photos here and there and saw a nice bench on which to sit and call down for a bit. There was a lady there already and a noticed a head popping out of the “stroller”, but it was not a baby’s head, but a doggy head.
When I sat down, he decided to have a gander to see who I was, that’s when I took his picture. A few minutes later, a couple showed up with their dog in a stroller as well. Interesting, I thought. This seems to be a “thing” and it wasn’t the first time that I’d seen this. I’d seen it in another park around the streets of NY as well. It seems to be a “thing”.

Not sure how much exercise the dog is getting, but, it worked for me. 🙂 I sat for a while, cooled off, continued my walking. Within a few hundred feet, I was sweating again. So much for cooling off. I’d have to take care of it later.

When I got back to the wonderful air conditioned climes of my hotel room, I ate my breakfast sandwich and downed a quart bottle of nice, cold Perrier! Mmmmmmmm. Now, that’s my ideal way of ending a walk! The dogs should be so lucky! But, it is NY, so perhaps they cool off with Perrier too!

Now that was interesting
Ummm. Do you mind?