A friend of mine, Gordon, used to joke with me about a previous car that I had when I lived in Texas.

Paul. You really care about your car because you wash it once a year, whether it needs it or not! πŸ™‚

And, quite honestly, that’s about the truth of the matter. I don’t really put any time or effort into washing my car. Generally, I let the rain take care of it. My idea of “green” cleaning.

The other day, I had a passing thought about buying a “new to me” car, but that quickly vanished. Two things that I really like about my car are:

1. I own it, free and clear, save for the personal property tax that the great state of NC charges me on it for the privilege of living here. πŸ˜‰
2. It’s in great shape and is only about 2,500 miles short of hitting 200,000 miles! Sweet!

Anyway, I’d never had it detailed, so I figured, why not? I looked on Yelp, found a highly rated provider, called, and set up and appointment. She came to my house the next day and set about her duties. I peeked out every now and again to see what was going on. I noticed that there was no water in the driveway and I heard no spraying going on, but my car was very shiny and clean looking! As it turns out, she uses a small pump sprayer and a chamois to clean the car. Not a drop wasted. X-Treme Green, which is the name of the company, has earned its name!

After about 4 hours, she was finished and it looked and smelled showroom new. I mean, it’s never been this clean since I bought! The proof was, today, when I went to lunch with my friend James, he walked right past my car – didn’t even recognize it. When I tooted the horn to get his attention, he was completely surprised saying that he had no clue that it was me. He immediately asked for her card. He was impressed, as was I.

When she finished, she asked if I was satisfied. Indeed I was! I’ll have to pass on the info to James and give her a great review in Yelp! It was the most expensive carwash that I’ve ever had, but if you divide the price by 12 years, how long I’ve had the car, it’s actually pretty cheap! And think of all of those thousands of dollars that I saved!

I may get inspired and put a coat of wax on it this weekend, so I can get that ultra shiny and beading effect, but then again, I may not πŸ™‚

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