My friend, and fellow blogger, Monte has a post on his blog about ink pens. Although the topic, initially, was about pens, it eventually turned to failed appliances. Well, until I read that, everything had been working just fine in my house. But, today, no less than a few hours after reading those comments, my microwave decided to give up the ghost! WTH???

I guess that it was just a bit of solidarity … appliances standing together, or rather falling like dominoes! I’ve decided to skip the microwave replacement and use the regular stove and put the toaster oven into service, to handle smaller jobs. I didn’t really use the microwave all that much and it’s cleared up some counter space!

I remember when we got our first microwave, sometime around 1982, give or take. I don’t think that I’ve been without one since, but I’m sure that I’ll survive just fine with one less appliance. More minimalism! 🙂

It was cheaper than a new car!
We'll take a whole row, please!