It was pretty remarkable that our small group of about 22, including guides, had not only 4 birthdays in February, but 4 birthdays in a row and that 3 of the birthdays belonged to the guides plus the bus driver! In the featured picture, you can see Alain, whose birthday was on 2/13, enjoying a sniff of Master’s Selection rum, one of his favorites. He said that he cannot afford it because it’s about $50+/bottle. So, one of the guys at the table bought him some. I had a taste of it and it was quite delicious.

In the background, in white, you can see Lisete, another of our guides. Her birthday was on Thursday, 2/16. Maggie, one of our crew had her birthday earlier in the week as did Faustino, our driver. If I remember correctly, we had cake four days in a row, Monday – Thursday, with my birthday being the following Monday. No cake for my birthday, as I was not going to be in Cuba at that time. That’s cool, though. I’d had enough cake already! 🙂

Cuban to American, brother to brother, friend to friend
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