One day, during our bus ride, the topic of groups by country came up. We were talking to one of our guides, Lisete, and we asked her: Based on your experience as a guide, who are the most stressed out people, by country that you’ve meet. Without hesitation, she said: Americans. This did not surprise me at all.

She went on to say that: You know. This is Cuba. Not everything is going to be ready when we think, or it may not even happen, so people need patience. Generally, there will be one or two Americans in a group who will complain about whatever not being ready, wanting to know when it will be ready, and why it wasn’t ready when it was supposed to be!

The follow on question was: How are the easiest going people. Again, without hesitation: Australians. She said if something’s not ready, they will generally say: No worries. We’ll just go over here and have a few drinks 🙂 Maybe we could learn a thing or two from the Aussies!

I hope that our group was good and chill. We did have a lot a fun, laughed a lot, and became close to our guides, at least I think so.

Four birthdays in a row!
Giddy up! Viñales, Cuba