About a 3-hour ride west of Havana is a small town called Viñales. Here is where they have good conditions to grow tobacco for some of those famous Cuban cigars! Also, I had an opportunity to ride in an ox cart! I only managed a few pictures along the way because, well, the road was bumpy and it’s rather hard to focus when you’re holding on for dear life with your right hand and swaying to an fro as the wheels roll over the lumps, clumps, and dips in the road. It was fun, though. We got to eat freshly picked pineapple, see a cigar rolling demonstration, and even had the “opportunity” to use an outhouse! Yeah. No city water out this far, folks!

We hung out for a short while, ate pineapple, bought a few cigars, then headed into town for an incredible lunch. It was quite a long day as we spent 6 hours on the bus, but I had fun. We had lots of time to talk to each other 🙂

With regards to the ox cart, I think that I’m sticking with the Camry. It’s a much better ride, partner!

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