One of the favorite words, it seems, in the work world, at least my work world, is “repurpose”. In other words, change the use of something into something else. It’s just one of those buzzwords that I hear, like level-set, that I translate into something useful for my brain and move on. 🙂

During the warmer weather, I like to cook outside. I have a well-used Master Forge grill that I bought from Home Depot some 5 years ago. I leave it outside on the patio, come rain, come shine. So, the elements have taken their toll. It’s a bit rusted here and there, but still a great performer.

Yesterday was one of those nice, warm days. So, I decided to do a bit of grilling. I opened the top, ready to add the charcoal and, lo and behold, some of my fine feathered friends had decided that this was the perfect place to build a nest! On this point, we disagreed. So, I decided to remove the nest and continue on with my grilling. It was the start of a nice nest, actually, full of nice, soft stuff – I think that it would have been a bit too warm for them, though 😀

So, after getting the grill cleaned up, I was able to grill my chicken. I’ve made a “patch” on the side of the grill. Though the patch is made with aluminum foil, I’m hoping that the birds will see it as enough of a deterrent to go build a nest elsewhere. Chicken and turkey are the only birds welcomed at this grill 😀

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