This is Gordon. Gordon and I have been very good, if not best friends since we met in high school in Akron, Ohio. In fact, after I got a job in Dallas, Texas, he moved to Dallas and we were roommates for a while. We had a great time and love to reminisce about our high school days and our time as roommates in Dallas. Gordon still lives in Dallas and we only get to see each other every few years or so, usually when I go to Dallas to visit him. However, this time, he came to Charlotte and stayed with me for a week.

Last Sunday, I introduced Gordy to my friend, James. The 3 of us had a guy’s day out and went down to Charleston, SC, hit up Hyman’s for lunch, walked down to Battery Park, had a good conversation with one of the locals, then hit The Blind Tiger, a local bar, and had a few drinks.

He’s actually awake!

It’s a short 3 hour ride from my house to downtown Charleston. On the way down, both took the opportunity to nap. I mean, c’mon guys, we left at 9:00 AM! Wake up! Well, maybe Gordon had an excuse. He’d been up at the crack of dawn each morning walking with me. Every morning, like clockwork, we hit the streets and walked an average of 6.5 miles, which is about double what he said he does when he has the opportunity. So, I’ll give him a pass on the snooze, similar to what he’s doing here on the couch. 🙂

Well, we put in another 5 miles of walking around Charleston, so James was in the back “sawing logs” all the way home, as was Gordon, who was doing a fine job of sleeping in the front! He didn’t sleep all the way, like James, just nodded in and out. 😀

I had a great time with his visit and hope that he can come back soon, so that the 3 of us can hang out again, share a few drinks, and engage in a whole lot of laughter like we did this time.

In lieu of church
A short walk to South Carolina