Normally, I don’t walk this way because, after a point, there are no sidewalks for about nearly a mile; however, this morning I decided to walk to South Carolina. Yeah. I know, it sounds like a far distance, but actually, it’s pretty close. From my front yard to this sign is almost exactly 2 miles, according to my FitBit. Directly across the street from this sign, another sign can be seen when heading in the opposite direction. Welcome to North Carolina, of course.

I like this area because the park is positioned in a nice location to get some sunrise pictures. Supposedly it was forecast to be mostly cloudy on this particular morning, but as it turned out, only partly cloudy allowing for a few photos. Also, a big advantage here is that gasoline is about 20 cents/gallon cheaper in SC, due to lower state taxes! I buy all of my gas in SC! 🙂

I enjoyed the walk, crossing back and forth across state lines, meandering about, here and there. It was a nice break from my usual route.