I was reviewing some of the photos from the first half of this year and, compared to previous years, the number of photos that I’ve taken and the number of posts that I’ve made are declining. I think that this is kind of a normal thing. I did see a slight uptick for 2015, considering that I went to Guatemala, Europe, and India all in the same year. I had lots to talk about 🙂

Last year, I stayed in the States and didn’t make any international trips. This year, fully half of my shots, perhaps a taste more are from Cuba, as are the shots in this post. Very soon, I’ll be headed back to Guatemala, taking my niece on her adventure. I plan to make a bit of a project out of that, photographing her experience … maybe I’ll make a small book for her when we return. There should be lots of material there.

Funny, as I have been downsizing on camera size as well as quantity, I find myself more and more liking the Panasonic LX100 as my go-to camera; however, I will probably take the E-M1 and do like I did in Cuba, use the 34 mm lens, exclusively – keeping the same perspective throughout the entire “narrative”. The LX100, with its zoom lens, is just too tempting.

I’m looking forward to that and to our attending school together as well as the homestay, both of which I’ve done a couple of times. The trip should be rife with opportunity to capture the story and an opportunity to bump up my numbers, photos and posts. 🙂

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