I wish that it weren’t true, but it is. My niece is completely, unabashedly addicted to her cellphone and to social media. The whole time that we were in Guatemala, it was a difficult time to get her to unplug for more than a few minutes at a time. In fact, I had to demand that she not use the phone at the table during breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as while walking down the cobblestone streets of Guatemala. That’s all that I would need is for my drama-filled niece to twist her ankle. 😀

I have a number of photos of her from the trip. I’d say a full 90% of them feature her ever-present phone. The times that I made her put it down and participate, she was a bit anxious to get back to it. I wonder what it would have been like if we didn’t have internet connectivity and she had to have actually talked and participated 🙂 Thankfully, during our classes, which were one-on-one, she wasn’t able to hide and use her phone – she HAD to participate.

We talked about study habits and she said that she doesn’t know how to study. I offered to help her during the week, but it was easy to see why she can’t study. She checks her phone every 20 seconds, sends texts, and participates in FaceTime conversations while “studying” – not helping.

All of that said, it just seems to be nothing unusual, especially for teenage girls – they seem to be the most addicted, everywhere I look in the U.S., they are connected. In fact, while I was in Guatemala, I saw the same thing, though not at nearly such a high level.

Unfortunately, I think that Kayla missed out on a lot because of her fixation with her phone. Maybe one day she’ll get over it and come out of that 4″ virtual world. Didn’t seem that she was saying anything important. 🙂

I did pull her out of the house a few times, made her put the phone away, and we actually had a couple of good conversations, but, left to her own devices, she would have sat on that porch all day, talked to her friends on FaceTime, and swore that she had been to Guatemala! LOL

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