While I was in Antigua, I put quite a few miles on the old sneakers, or should I say, quite a few kilometers. In fact, when I looked back at that week, from Sunday to Saturday, I put in 99 kilometers, or about 25 loops around Antigua. Antigua is a nice 1 Km x 1 Km, so about 4 km, or 2.5 miles around the parameter. Some mornings I walked all the way around, others, I went street by street, then avenue by avenue, but always for a minimum of 90 minutes.

When I checked my Fitbit on the next Sunday, I saw that I had covered 99 Km, or 61.78 miles. Had I known that on Saturday evening, after I had those 8 shots of rum, I would have weaved my way down the street for an additional 1 km, to make it an even 100. Oh well. Maybe I’ll do that at some other time. 🙂 So far, it’s my highest 1 week total. That record may stand for a while as that is an average of about 9 miles/day!

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