If you look at the featured image, you can see a Guatemalan street scene. Within this scene there are a few women and even a girl. For the most part, Guatemalan women and men dress pretty modestly. Some women wear a traditional, colorful, belted dress, others wear jeans and t-shirts. The jeans are not particularly tight like you might see here in the U.S. Modest.

On Wednesday, June 28th (Thank you Exif data), we were about to go out into the city to hang out in the park. I had a look at what Kayla was wearing and we had the following conversation:

Paul: Ummmm, Kayla?
Kayla: Yes?
Paul: Well, we are in another country, you know, and the people here dress a LOT more modestly. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t wear what you have on, because I want you to do you!
Kayla: OK. Should I change?
Paul: It’s up to you. I’m just saying that people are a lot more modest here. They don’t go around showing all of their various “assets” to everyone.
Kayla: I’ll be OK. I wear this type of stuff back home all of the time.
Paul: Well, we’re in another country, but that’s cool.
Kayla: I think that I’ll keep it on.
Paul: Cool! Let’s go.

Now, as soon as we made that right turn onto the main street from our little side street, heads started turning, both men and women. She had on a midriff top/crop top/belly shirt and some tight shorts, very tight and very short – not at all like a Guatemalan. As we walked, she started to feel very uncomfortable:

Kayla: Why is everyone looking at me?
Paul: Ha! You have to ask? You’re putting all of your goodies on display!
Kayla: Well, they don’t have to stare like that!
Paul: That’s out of your control. What WAS in your control was your choice of clothes!

From the distance, a wolf whistle and “Hey, baby”! It was an older man, maybe my age or older. I laughed. She cringed and attempted to cover herself with her purse.

Kayla: I’m so embarrassed right now and that was disgusting.
Paul: Why? You wore it. They have a right to look and make comments. Remember, we’re not in the U.S. anymore and you made the choice to wear what you wore. Take full responsibility for that!

A romper. Something more sensible.

To her credit she did and she did not change her clothes during the day. She stuck with it, which I was glad to see. She didn’t fold under the pressure, but, perhaps, she did learn a thing or two about modesty and paying attention to the surroundings. Mind you, had we been in a Middle Eastern country, I wouldn’t have let her go out like that, but, in Guatemala, particularly Antigua, I figured that there was good lesson to be had! 😀

She retired those particular clothes and went with some more modest pieces, like her rompers – she still got a few looks, but no whistles!

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