One morning, in Guatemala, there were 5 of us sitting around the breakfast table. Kayla was sitting to my right, AdΓ©le directly across from me, Meghan to her left, and Pablo, one of the residents of the house, to my immediate left, at the head of the table.

We were having a conversation about something. As normally happens with conversations, there was a lull in it. Everyone became quiet.

3 …
2 …
1 …

I like tacos!!!

Suddenly, Kayla blurted out: I like tacos! I turned, looked at her as if to say WTF??? πŸ™‚

Paul: Why did you say that?
Kayla: Because it got quiet and I don’t like when it’s quiet.
Paul: Well, other people do and it’s normal to have a break in the conversation
Kayla: Oh. Well, I think that people are sad when they are quiet.
Paul: Well, here’s another thing that you can learn. They aren’t. Sometimes, they like quiet time. Just because you don’t doesn’t mean that other people don’t.
Kayla: I guess that I never thought about that.
Paul: Something to think about. πŸ™‚

As I thought more about it, there was hardly ever any time that she was without her earbuds in, save for times when I didn’t allow it, pumping music into her brain. No silent moments. This, I couldn’t fathom on my side of “reality”. I need lots of quiet spaces, downtime.

Maybe she did learn that it’s ok to have a pause in the conversation and that, just because she’s uncomfortable with it, other people aren’t.

Big Brother's fear of being watched.
That iPhone has quite a competent camera