I bought my house 5 years ago. At the same time, I bought a new washer and a dryer. The washer has been just fine, even though it’s one of those HE (High Efficiency) washers that give your clothes a shower rather than a bath. It tries to use a lot less water. The dryer has always seemed to be lacking in performance. It took a really long time to dry, especially for larger loads. I thought, well, it is energy efficient, so that must be the reason.

A couple of months ago, while the dryer was running, I could clearly hear the sound of water. My friend, Gordon, was here, so we decided to investigate. We pulled the vent hose from the wall and, lo and behold, it was filled with water and lint. We emptied and cleaned the vent hose, put it back and place, tried again. The clothes dried a lot faster without the water and lint.

A couple of months after Gordon left, again, I could hear water. Again, I removed the vent pipe, emptied out about a gallon of water, hooked it back up. Viola! It worked again. This time I went to Google and did a search. I found that this could be caused by a clogged dryer vent. So, I called a chimney sweep!

The gentleman came out and the first thing that he asked me to do was to turn on my dryer. I did. He went outside to check something, then came back in, turned off the dryer and went to work. He pulled out a drill and a long cable with some spikes on the end. As he worked with the vent, all manner of lint, birds nests, and other stuff came flying out of the outside vent. Next, he came inside and did the same thing. Lots of lint. Next, he hooked up a vacuum and cleaned it out. Finally, he reconnected the dryer, turned it on, and went back outside. This time, I went with him.

I noticed that the flap that’s used to keep birds out, when the dryer isn’t on, was standing straight out. Previously, he said, that it was so clogged that when the dryer was on, it wouldn’t even open. We were both satisfied with his work!

I couldn’t wait to do a load of laundry 🙂 A few days later, I had enough to do two loads. Wow! That dryer dries things quickly! About 1/3 of the time as before. It’s much more effective and efficient without those pesky birds’ nests! I’ve added them to my yearly reminders, but not like on this car!!!

It was $130 well spent!

At this time, rather missing those cool temperatures!
Getting the message across!