In yesterday’s post, I featured a picture of this car and Cedric wanted to know the story. Well, this shot was taken in Antigua Guatemala on Cerro de la cruz, or, The Hill of the Cross. On this particular day, there were quite a few people there. One of my fellow students, Meghan, and I walked up to the top of the hill. According to my FitBit, about 34 stories. Not too bad. While we were up there, we noticed this car – Yes! There’s a road that you can use to drive up to the top, but we wanted to climb it AND we didn’t have a car. So, there!

The notes say things like:
Happy Birthday
I love you
You and I = Love
My love
My life
And other words of affection that you might find on your car during your birthday. 🙂

The view from above the city was lovely and we had a good time. There were people eating pizza, drinking sodas, etc, and of course, there were vendors there willing to sell you all sorts of trinkets or refreshments – whatever you needed!

So, Cedric, there you have it! The story, plus a little bit more.

Who knew? It works better without a bird's nest
One Hour? That's so 1984!