Its rare that I use my printer, maybe a couple of times per year. Today is one of those days. I was looking at the prints on my wall, of my various travels, and see that I have none from Cuba, this visit to Guatemala, India, nor even my trip to Europe two years ago. Time to get printing and refreshing. Instead of buying new frames and new mats, I simply print new photos, take the olds out, store them, and put in new ones. Sure, it takes a while to do, but it’s almost meditative. It’s something fun to do on a rainy, humid day when I’d rather be inside.

So, here I go spilling the liquid gold. The ink reservoir fills quickly when you don’t print often because the printer goes through several cleaning cycles to make sure that you get good prints. So, the reservoir goes one way, the ink the other, and you end up having to buy both. 🙂 As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t print because it’s cheaper … because it certainly is NOT. I print because I like the immediate feedback and the fun of having it now.

The picture accompanying this post will be one that I will print. It’s from Cuba.

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