It’s days like this, hot and humid days, when I think of the mountains, frequently. I think of how nice and cool it is atop of Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi River – right here in little ol’ North Carolina. I was up there a few weeks ago. It was 90+ in Charlotte, but atop of Mt. Mitchell, a nice, cool 58, or so. It was lovely and a bit chilly.

However, thanks to one Willis Carrier, I don’t have to drive nearly 3 hours to get to cooler temperatures, I can simply adjust the thermostat and have the temperature drop to more comfortable digits – No, I don’t keep it at 58, but 72 is just fine. I’m so glad that Mr. Carrier had the idea for inventing modern A/C.

It’s so very nice to walk into my house, after my walk, and feel the cool, dry air on my face, arms, neck, back, all over. Ahhhhh. Thanks, WC!

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