The other day, during my morning walk, I heard a familiar sound that I hadn’t heard for a few months. A diesel engine … that of a school bus! The drivers were out practicing their routes, getting timings, or becoming familiar with the route, I suppose.

Yesterday, I saw this group of people floating lazily down the Saluda River in Columbia, SC. There were a few kids in the mix. Now, it’s time to put down those summer party favors and pick up those books. Summer is over, kiddos! Time to crack open those books and get your learn on!

It looked and felt like a great day for tubing. As they floated, their music wafted blared up from the river. Such a tranquil scene! 😉

Tomorrow, and for a week or two, until the parents get their schedules together, traffic will be snarled, the police will be out ticketing those who don’t remember the proper speed limit in the school zones, and I’ll have to be careful crossing the three drives of the elementary school that I pass every morning. Parents don’t seem so awake at that time of morning. It would be a bit too easy to get run over in front of that school.

Hopefully, the kiddos had a good summer and are ready to get back at it, but I doubt it! The ready to get back at it part! 🙂

A board, some tape, a little foil, and a tripod = PPU
Ripples from Charlottesville