I bought an iPhone 8+ Prior to that, I had an iPhone 6+. A number of new features came onboard between the 6 and the 6s and a few more by the time the 8 hit the ground. One of those features was Live Photos. I hadn’t even heard of it, but it was with the 6s. Anyway, what happens on a live photo is that the camera makes a small movie with a couple of seconds of video. It records the sound as well. It’s turned on by default.

I kept noticing the live icon, but didn’t pay attention to it. I didn’t take time to read the manual. Eventually, I became curious, went and sought out its meaning. It’s an interesting little thing, but now I have it turned off. I don’t want videos every time. I still like my stills!

Also, Lightroom has issues with importing the photos. One of three things happens:

1. The photo/video imports propertly
2. You get a video that is all green – nothing but green screen
3. It won’t import at all saying that the codec is missing for this particular type of video (.mov)

Well, there is another monkey wrench that I threw into the mix, I upgraded to the latest version of OS X, High Sierra. So, there’s that! LOL

A tad bit annoying.

Small signs of fall
Speed walking along the trails