Well, folks, I’m back. I just spent the last 3 weeks in Antigua, Guatemala. But, Paul! Didn’t you just go to Antigua this summer with your niece, Kayla??? Good memory! I did!

I had planned to return and spend a month sharpening up my Spanish skills, maybe taking some more lessons, etc. However, I modified that plan, decided on 3 weeks, no lessons, and an Air B&B home stay. That was a very good plan and I had lots of time to practice Spanish, party like a Guatemalan, more on that later, and meet fun new people, like this young lady who was the barista at a local coffee shop called GuateJava

I hung out at Guate Java on a daily basis as I did my work. You didn’t think that I was on vacation all of that time, did you? Ha! I sat there, with Thomas, my new friend from Denmark (He’s over there in the corner, looking outside, contemplating the universe), and worked the morning away, generally about 3 hours, before returning back to the house for lunch. In the afternoons, I sat here and worked:

The chair was right outside of my room. Like I said, a tough life, but I’m willing to take the sacrifice so that you don’t have to! 🙂

So many adventures to share. 🙂

Paul and the Pilfered Piedra
Guate! Guate! and other morning music




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