Well, though it was possible that some chickens could have shown up, I’m not sure that there would have been room on the bus for them, but maybe!

On November 1st, I went to party with the Guatemalans … this is not that story, though. πŸ™‚ This is the getting to and from the party. Vidal, my teacher lives about 2 miles away from Antigua, in a pueblo called Pastores. He, and my good buddy, Julian, his son, rode into town to meet me and escort me back to his town so that we could have a picnic, Guatemalan style. I’d never been on a Guatemalan bus before, but I had looked at the documentary, if that counts! Anyway, I got a close-up view of riding on the bus.

When we first got on the bus, I had, and still have, no clue how Vidal knew which one was the correct one, but hey, I was just following along. We got on, the music was jammin and we were ready to roll. Julian decided to sit next to me and we were off! As we moved through the parking lot, a couple of different vendors jumped on and off of the bus, selling their wares … ice cream, this stuff in the bag (I have no idea), peanuts, whatever you need.

Soon, we were out of the parking lot on on the road. Normally, Vidal said that it takes about 10 minutes to get to his house, but there was lots of traffic, so it took about 40 minutes. When the bus stops, you need to hustle off, because it’s more a pause than an actual stop!

The ride there was interesting, but the ride back, a little more adventure …

By the time that we finished partying, it was dark and close to the time of the last buses leaving for Antigua, around 8 in the evening. Vidal couldn’t return with me because he wouldn’t be able to get a bus back, but I felt confident that I could make it! πŸ™‚ I got on the bus, made it about 2 blocks and the driver, for whatever reason, made the 5 of us get off of the bus. He decided not to go to Antigua. He told us that we’d have to take the next bus, which was behind us!

What to do? Take the next bus! When I stepped on the bus, I saw that it was a bit crowded, like 50% over capacity! The driver bade me to move on back. I did, I find a little space to sit down, basically right in the isle,Β and commenced to watching a bootleg copy of The Lion King! (Bootleg copies of movies are freely available around Antigua – most in Spanish, of course) LOL

So, here’s a shot of me with 100 of my closest friends on a school bus made for 50 people! πŸ™‚ We’re having a great time. It was cool for a one-time thing, but if I had to do that every day … I’m not entirely sure that I’d like it! LOL I do wish that I’d seen some chickens, though!

Guate! Guate! and other morning music
Party like a Guatemalan




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