I’ve decided that when you party like a Guatemalan, rum is involved. How much rum depends on your ability to consume it. For me, that means not much! The last couple of times that I’ve been to Antigua, I had a drink or “two” with Vidal, my bad influence! 🙂 He likes his octavos, or 1/8 liter of rum.

Originally, I had planned to see Día de los Muertos, which is on November 1st; instead, I decided to party with Vidal and family. Vidal and Julian, his son, came to escort me back to the hill where we would party. When we got to the top of the hill, Vidal indicated that we were perdido, not only perdido, but bien perdio (not only lost, but well lost!). Eventually, thanks to Julian’s boundless energy and willingness to explore, we found the group!

I was introduced around. I already knew Vidal, his daughter Marta Maria, and of course, my good friend, Julian. The rest of the crew were quite friendly and inviting. Before long, some minutes, the large bottles of rum where opened and the drinks flowed. I carried the bottle of Coca Cola up, so I knew that we had all of the ingredients needed for a rum & Coke! 🙂

Eventually, Vidal’s bother-in-law, who was very friendly and had already had a “few”, bade me to drink more and more, but I had already had enough, which was about 2. I did have one more, after I made him agree to ask me in English. He pulled it off well enough: Pablo. Have other drink! Good enough, I did.

The food was simple and tasty. There was chicken, beef, pork, and blood sausage, which I didn’t try. Of course, there were tortillas, black beans, salad, and alote (grilled corn). I was stuffed!

After the food, a rather interesting game of baseball took place on a hill with no bases in sight. It was fun to watch and there was quite a bit of laughter. Finally, as it is a tradition to fly kites on Día de los Muertos, to deliver messages to the heavens, there were kites available. Vidal helped his kids get them launched and up into the clouds … almost as high as he was! LOL

Chicken Bus!
Manuel and Elsa




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