I’d mentioned going drinking with Vidal, having rum & Coke; however, this time around, I met a guy named Richard. Richard was staying at the same house. He’s from San Diego, California. Richard had a taste for Zacapa Centenario 23, aged 23 years. It’s a flavorful Guatemalan rum.

In the above photo, you can see Thomas on the left, Richard on the right. We hung out for a few days. Thomas is from Denmark. A few of the evenings the 3 of us went out, talked, and had a glass of ZC. It was quite pricey for Guatemala, about 55 Quetzales, or about $7/shot, but it was very tasty and pleasant. It’s the type of drink that you only have one or two at the most. It’s too be sipped, not mixed. You can have it “neat” or on the rocks, or con rocas, as they say in Spanish.

I enjoyed the conversations, the slow sipping of the rum, and just being out and about. I considered buying a bottle; however, locally, they cost Q350, or about $50/bottle. Richard had told me that he could get it in Mexico for half that price. I found, after I returned home, that I could order it online for about $37 and also found it at the duty-free section in the airport, 2 bottles for $78. So, if I decide that I want some, it’s not out of reach at all! Maybe I’ll see about getting some over the holidays. I read that it’s great for making Dark & Stormy mixed drinks, too! Add a bit of ginger beer and a splash of lime and you’re good to go!

Manuel and Elsa




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