I’m not a fan of doing group tours, or touristy things, in general, but, from time to time, I’ll stray off of my well-worn path and try something.

While in Guatemala, I took the opportunity to visit Tikal. Tikal is located about a 10-hour bus ride or 45 minute plane ride from Antigua. When I asked about the visit to Tikal, I was given two prices. One for the bus, the other for the plane. Well, there was a $200 difference. Hmmmm, save $200 on a one-time trip and spend 20 hours on a bus, or spend the $200 and spend 2 hours on a plane. Not much of a decision for me. I took the bus! NOT!

When I arrived at the park, with about 10 other people that were part of the tour group, we met up with our guide and another small group, making the total of about 20, perhaps. It was a nice, steamy day to be in the jungle. πŸ™‚ Our guide, Roberto, was of Mayan descent, very proud of his heritage, and provided quite a bit of information about the Mayan history. He was also not a fan of Mel Gibson and said that good ole Mel didn’t portray the Mayans correctly in his movie, Apocalypto. He iterated over and over again that the Mayans were a peaceful people and that there was zero evidence of sacrifices, ever. He made it very clear about his beliefs that the Mayans were great mathematicians and scientists.

Throughout the walk we were able to climb the pyramids, including the tallest one where The Millennium Falcon flew over.

All told, we were able to climb 5 pyramids. Fortunately, at this moment, they are still open for climbing, but next year, they will put an end to that. All of the climbing, as you may guess, is having an affect on the stone, wearing it away.

The tour lasted about 4 hours. We consumed quite a bit of water as well as information. As you can imagine, it was quite hot and humid. Most of the information was in Spanish, which thankfully, I understood. I’m glad that I spent the time and the money to go. As with most tourist attractions, you go during open hours, mid-day. This time is not a photographer’s best friend, but you make due! πŸ™‚

I met people from India, The US, The Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Mexico. That was the coolest part, for me!

Zacapa Centenario 23, the other rum
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