There are those moments, sometimes, that I just wish that I had a camera with me or had had my camera out and ready to take a picture. One particular morning, while walking the streets of Antigua, I experienced that. I saw two older guys riding bicycles down the street, nothing unusual about that, but they were being pulled by Dobermans! These dogs looked quite up to the task and seem to be enjoying it!

Certainly, I’ve seen Huskies pulling sleds, at least on TV, or seen dogs pulling people on rollerblades, but this was a first! I had to put it down to something that I would have to just mention, but not have a photo for. However, it seems that the guys, the dogs, and I had similar habits. I walked every dat from 6:00 – 7:45 AM, or so, and they ran/rode down the same street every day around 7:00 AM, right at the time that I was heading down that street!

I noticed this, of course, after the second time that I saw/missed them. From day three onward, I was on the lookout. As it turned out, I saw them just about every day. We were synchronized. I knew that when I rounded the corner from the main street, I could start looking for them. I always encountered them within the same block +/- one block. We were consistent. More familiar strangers.

I enjoyed taking their pictures and watching the dogs do their tasks. They really seemed to be enjoying it. Working dogs gotta work!

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