When I awoke this morning, I made a quick check of the weather app on my phone. As I viewed the information, a small groan escaped my lips. This groan was similar to the groan that “happens” in the summer when I see that it’s 82 degrees and 100 % humidity. I know that it’s gonna be a sweat fest from the first step across the threshold. However, a sweat fest was certainly of no concern on this particular morning, the first day of the year. 18 – that was the number that I saw. It seemed to be staring back at me, daring me. 18 degrees F, and, to add on to that, a nice 9 MPH breeze from the NNE. Sweet! That dropped the feeling to a bracing 7 F!

As I walked through the streets I noticed a marked absence of my usual list of familiar strangers … not one of them was to be found! I did, however, see one of my neighbors and she said that it was just too cold to walk and that she’d be skipping it for today. All of my fair-weather friends were absent.

I did modify my walk a bit after walking a block on the main street that intersects my neighborhood. As I turned right, rounded the corner onto S. Tryon St., I received, for my efforts, an icy-cold slap in the face. Invigorating one might say, but in this case, let’s say, painful! Thinking back, that 18 did look like it was challenging me! 🙂 After a block of that, I did an about face, headed back into the neighborhood, and walked the streets avoiding those that were heading north or northeast 🙂 – The houses and trees provided good cover, a nice wind break!

I’m glad that I did the walk, but gladder that I’m back at home and that the heat is working! LOL It looks very nice outside, nice and sunny, but that can be deceiving!

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