Well, not actually, same old camera, just updated to the latest version of the firmware 🙂 Happy New Year! The Olympus OM-D E-M1 (Mark 1) still lives and provides service! All of those ideas that I had tossed around about a new camera, etc, have faded into the background. Those were just G.A.S. cramps. You know, Gear Acquisition Syndrom. 🙂

After I started putting $$$ to it, I thought: That money can be well spent on my “flyover” project, visiting those flyover states. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I could do that whole tour for much less than the cost of a Nikon D850, currently priced at $3,297 + a lens or two. Oh, yes. I could make it international for less than that, too.

Thanks to Tom Dills, I now have some interesting places to look at with Roadside America. I may not be able to see all of the oddities, but at least I’ll get to see some of them! Odd is interesting, to me! 🙂

May your New Year start off with a bang and be exciting! 😉

In closing
Hey! Where did everybody go?!




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