Nope. Not the country! I’ve not be there just yet, but, it is south of me: Columbia, SC. After Tom Dills mentioned Roadside America, I figured that I’d download the app to my phone and see what was up. The app is $2.99 and you get one free region with the app. Each additional region costs $1.99. At first, I was going to select the flyover states that I plan to visit as my free region, but then thought better of it. I’ll just select what’s nearby. So, I got the region containing:

North Carolina
South Carolina

After opening the app and looking at North Carolina, I saw a few interesting places, but most of them at least 2 hours away, some 3. Well, since our neighbor to the south is conveniently located, I had a look at South Carolina. Columbia is about 75 miles from my house, an easy drive. There were several interesting items:

1. Worlds largest fire hydrant at 40 feet tall!
2. A mural painted on the side of a building that looks like a tunnel
3. A huge chain connecting two buildings!
4. A giant cock, or rooster, in a parking lot – After all, it is the home of the Gamecocks!
5. Who the heck knows what else!

Mind you, the trip did start out in Charlotte, with a visit to Metalmorphosis, which is very close to my house.

A couple interesting tidbits, at least to me.

Hydrant: I loved the sign next to the hydrant indicating no dogs allowed. Given the size of the hydrant, I would be a bit scared to see a dog that much bigger as depicted in the picture!

Mural: It reminded me of Saturday morning cartoons where, inevitably, someone would run into such a wall, thinking that it was a tunnel … usually the coyote. πŸ™‚

George Washington: The cane in George’s right hand used to go all the way down to the pedestal, but during Major General William T. Sherman’s occupation of Columbia, during the Carolinas campaign, in the last few months of the Civil War,Β this statue was damaged, supposedly, by Union troops throwing bricks at it. They never repaired it as show of “Yankee evil”. So, it stands today, in front of the Capital Building as a reminder of those times.

It was a great way to spend a few hours walking around, photographing, and enjoying a nice, warmish day.

Hey! Where did everybody go?!
They're back! Different tactics!




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