I was the first to report it, right here! The aliens were snatching people off of the street, leaving only a shoe as evidence after the snatch! It’s been very quiet for a while … or so it seemed. I’d been on the look out for evidence of other abductions, but didn’t find any of the same evidence.

Then! I started noticing gloves, or should I say “glove”. At first, I thought: It’s just an innocent-looking single glove, but I took a picture of it anyway. Then, the next day, another glove! Two? A coincidence? I’d better take another picture. Then, a third glove. Oh, crap! They’re back!

Be careful out there and keep your gloves hidden. You don’t want to be targeted! I’ve not seen any single mittens, so they may be safe, but I wouldn’t chance it!

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Cold and peaceful - at first




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