The temperatures have been at or below freezing for a few days. Today, I wanted to get out in the afternoon and have a walk in the park. There is a stream that runs through it and I wanted to see if it had been cold enough to freeze all or part of it. Fortunately, it has been. I was able to spend a few peaceful moments next to it, listening to the water flow beneath the ice. I took a few shots, listened a while, took a few more shots. It was peaceful until a man and his son of about 10 years old happened by. The boy wanted to walk in the stream and see if the ice would hold him. His father tried to convince him that it wouldn’t, but you know 10 year-old boys, they will not be dissuaded from the experience. So, away he went: Tramp! Crunch! Tramp! Crunch! Giggle! Shout!!! Well, so much for sitting on a rock quietly and listening to the trickling of the water. 🙂

I moved on.

They're back! Different tactics!
Waiting for the shot to appear




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