The other day as I was walking down the street past a construction area, I saw a cloud of dust. My first thought was: What’s making that dust and can it make a good picture?! I continued for a few more paces and could hear what sounded like brushes on concrete. As it turned out, that’s exactly what it was! As I approached the cloud, I could hear the machine and the brushes, but could only see dust. The sun was highlighting the dust from behind. I had envisioned a picture of this machine breaking through the dust, being highlighted by the sun, and surrounded by backlit dust. I waited. I took a few shots.

I waited some more and could finally see the machine, but, unfortunately, it had turned to the side. I was hoping for a more direct approach. Oh, well, the anticipation was fun! Maybe next time!

Cold and peaceful - at first
At first, I thought that I was missing something ...




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