Normally, I just don’t have anything to do with Ohio in the winter, but, it was my sister’s 70th birthday, so I sucked it up and went!

Fortunately, when I arrived into Cleveland Hopkins Airport (CLE), there was little snow on the ground, but lots of white stuff! Salt! Wow! Those roads are full of potholes! It’s kind of like driving an obstacle course and they little rental, a Kia Forte, was up to the task.

During the time that I was in Akron, I only got to chose to walk 3 times of the 6 days that I was there. It was brutally cold the other days, like single digits with 10 – 20 mph winds. No way that I could tolerate that for a 90 minute walk! So, I just sat inside, worked, and listened to the wind chimes on my sister’s front porch do their thing in the breeze!

There were some nice views along The Tow Path. However, every day, getting up and removing powdery snow from the car, between 2 – 5 inches was, shall we say, not the coolest thing that I’ve every done … maybe the coldest, though! 😀

Each day, as I brushed the snow away and warmed up the car, I thought: Why the heck would anyone stay here on purpose! Why???

The day before my return to Charlotte, I received a couple of texts from United Airlines saying that flights may be cancelled or delayed with the impending storm heading for The Ohio Valley. I decided to keep my reservation the same and hope for the best.

As it turned out, it only snowed about 4 inches, or so, which in Akron is small potatoes. The roads were clear on the way to the airport, when I left my sister’s house around 4:00 PM. The evening light on the way to the airport was beautiful, slightly warm in color, snow flurries added to the scene as I drove up the Ohio Turnpike. The temperature was in the lower 20s, but what a day!

I made it back to Charlotte 5 minutes ahead of schedule. I was glad to be home. The next day, when I went for my walk, there was no snow underfoot, there was not a breeze, and the temperatures were in the mid-40s … I was back home after a successful escape from Ohio!

All that said, I did really enjoy my walks along The Tow Path and had fun taking a few photos with Hipstamatic. Certainly, it’s not something that I’d like to do every day, but once every 5 years is cool!

Early birds, worms, and all that!
An unintentional silent retreat




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