Does this sound familiar?

You’re not doing it right because … or, “Real” photographers:

  1. Don’t use digital, or if they do, only full-size sensors with gigapixels!
  2. You use Nikon? Canon? Real photos are only taken with Leica cameras and lenses!
  3. Only use analog with prime lenses. No zoom lenses
  4. Only black and white and self-developed!
  5. Only use “real” paper and “real” developer to process their prints.
  6. Only use a view camera
  7. Only use a view camera with glass plates!!!

Well, if you come into woodworking, it’s very similar:

  1. What? You use power tools? You’re not making real woodworking projects!
  2. What? You use biscuits and pocket hole screws??? Not real stuff!
  3. You say that you don’t use recycled/reclaimed/repurposed wood? Shame!
  4. All of your power tools are green? They should be yellow, because only the yellow ones are worth anything! No! No! They have to be red!
  5. You mean you don’t use hand-carved dovetail joints?!
  6. You cannot possibly tell me that you can get anything worthwhile done within a week. If you’re not spending months on it, just burn the damn thing!

Fun stuff! So, I figured that I could “do it right” if I got a truckload of “raw” lumber! Anyone want to stop by and help me to unload it? It would be ridiculous to use machines to do it! I mean, cheapens the end product, right? 😀

Surviving being not good





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