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Y.E.P.A.W. stands for Youth Excellence Performing Arts Workshop. It’s an Akron, Ohio based mentoring group for middle school and high school students. They help to build self-esteem and prepare students with a roadmap to college, should they endeavor to go that way. My niece, K, had had some struggles a few years ago and my sister put here into the YEPAW program. Wow! What a difference it has made in her confidence and her direction. I was seriously impressed during…


Some years ago, I signed up with a credit monitoring service named Identity Guard. About a month ago, I was looking at my monthly bills, etc, and thought: Hmmmm. I’ve had this account for 4 or 5 years, or whatever, and I’m paying $15 per month and nothing has ever happened. I wonder if I still need it. Well, as an answer to my wonderings, some days later I got a notification that there was a new credit inquiry on…


Ummm, Vanessa? Not quite yet. Probably in a few more weeks! 🙂 We were doing our walk along the Ohio/Erie Canal Tow Path and Vanessa remembered the ice skating pond. Although they indicated that it was closed, she decided to give it a go anyway 😀


Everyone has their thing, I suppose. My thing? Fog. The other day when I awoke, I noticed the dense fog in the area and couldn’t wait to get out into it. Fortunately, for me, the fog was pretty dense and I could feel it on my face as I walked. I really enjoyed the impressions, the vague outlines of people and things. My favorite was the featured image, a man with his white dog, hanging out in the fog.


Looks like the fall has finally arrived and with it, a bit of frost – even in unexpected places! But, for sure, the birds know how to keep warm. Solar power, baby!


I spent a pleasant few days in Santa Clara, California. I was attending a conference for work. I learned quite a bit. Fortunately, for me, the hotel was located right on the edge of a salt marsh of the San Francisco Bay. I had the opportunity to walk, photograph, and enjoy the surrounding area before the days events started. Also, as a bonus, since Pedro lives in nearby San Jose, I got to have dinner with him and his wife…

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