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As I was walking the other morning, I noticed some erratic movement in my peripheral vision. I looked up to see a moth caught in a single, yet strong, spider web. It was one of those webs that I would like to see being made. It was a single strand starting at the top of the light pole and running diagonally down to some bushes … a nice and taught zip-line. How they manage that, I don’t know. The moth…


During my walks this week, I’ve come upon some empty pairs of shoes. Now, you might not think anything of it, but I’m connecting the dots! These unfortunate guys have been abducted! I’m sure of it. It’s too much of a coincidence! 😀


Well, maybe except for this one! 🙂


Saturday evening, Vanessa and I joined our friends, Tim and Catherine for movies under the starts. The shopping center near my neighborhood usually shows about 4 movies during the summer. On Friday, during my morning walk, I had noticed a sign indicating that there was a movie the following day. The movie was the latest Star Wars offering, The Force Awakens, of which I was the only one who hadn’t seen it. Being the cool people that they are, Vanessa…

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Back in February, I wrote this post about the goings-on in my neighborhood. Someone was prepping our neighborhood for fiber optic service. At first, I though that it was Google, but later found out that it was AT&T. Fast forward to June, almost 4 months after that post and it’s a reality! On Monday of this week a nice, young lady came a callin. She knocked on the door and I went to see who it was. She had her…


I must admit that I do rather like my morning walks … when the humidity is not 99% and the temperature is in the 60s. The bugs are less active and the air feels cooler. Recently, we’ve had a pretty good run of almost daily thunderstorms and high morning humidity – the type of humidity that causes my glasses to fog immediately when transition from my nicely air conditioned house to the rain forest! There is a nice side effect…

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