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Easy as floating on the lake.

I used to sell all of my used camera equipment on eBay; however, as fleaBay evolved, they became more and more buyer-centric, almost to the point where the seller had no protection from unscrupulous buyers. You’d sell, then in order to get your money, you had to have proof of delivery and then positive feedback from the buyer. If the buyer did not provide any feedback, you’d have to wait 10 days or so to get your money. Should the…


This is Julián. My Spanish teacher’s son. One thing that you can say about him is that he does not lack enthusiasm. He’s got it by the truck load. 🙂 This is kind of how I felt after scheduling my appointment to get my vaccinations  before heading to India. I felt quite differently after I found out how much they cost! Jeez! And insurance won’t pay for them as they are for non-business travel. Seems that nearly every disease that…


One wouldn’t think that such an innocuous little invention, a selfie stick, could be so dangerous; however, according to this article, more people have died this year using a selfie stick (12 of them), as from shark attacks, 8. So, it would seem that the selfie stick is a lot more dangerous than a shark!  The most recent death, a 66 year-old Japanese tourist died from injuries from falling down a flight of stairs at the Taj Mahal. I’ll be…

Just in front of the rain

I took this picture last Friday, the last sunny day that we’ve had for a few days. I don’t mind the rain at all. In fact, I think that we needed it. I enjoy the cooler temperatures, low clouds, mist, foggy-ish mornings, all things reminiscent  of autumn. After the steady rain subsides, I think that it will be time to head back into the woods to have a look at all of the leaves on the ground. Last time, looking up, next…

Love is the answer

He must have given it a lot of thought and he was a smart guy, so who am I to dispute his conclusion. 🙂

Online and Offline at the same time.

A working man needs a break, so perhaps you should walk from here, or give the number a call and someone can give you a lift, but not him. 🙂 Or perhaps he’s hooked up to the truck and waiting for his ride!

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