Author: Paul


Well, the birds like the feeder and there seems to be another who is interested in the feeder as well … well, interested in the birds, at least. 🙂


For a few years I had a bird feeder and I used to love to sit and watch the birds come and go. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to buy another one and once again enjoy my fine feathered friends. I’d forgotten about the particular seed mix. The one shown here has lots of millet, a seed that blackbirds and sparrows love. In fact, the blackbirds are quite the bullies, scaring away the smaller birds and gorging themselves…


Faith, at least for me, is not about putting my life, my destiny in the hands of some god or another, but instead in trusting, without having any proof, that regardless of circumstance, everything will, in time, be alright. It’s also realizing that things probably won’t go according to my plan, my straight line, or even reach my destination that I intended, but will take many twists and turns that I hadn’t anticipated, and if I play along, I just…


A scene that’s easy picking, these days. Friends, or coworkers, eating lunch together, not interacting with each other at all. Interesting times. As I ate lunch, enjoying the breeze, the sound of the water fountain, and the sun, I noticed these 3 ladies who had come to the table together to, allegedly, eat lunch together. During the 1/2 hour or so that they were there, it was nearly completely silent. They said a few words, then back to their phones.


The other day when I opened up Lightroom 5.7, I got a notification that there was an update available; however, this wasn’t the normal notification where I could click to download the latest version. Instead, it was a link to where I was offered the choice of buying the new version outright, for about $145, or subscribing for $9.95 / month and getting both Lightroom and Photoshop. I see that they’ve added HDR as well as well as the ability…


At times I’ve heard parents tell their children not to dawdle, or waste time. Sometimes, I absolutely feel the need to dawdle, or stop and smell the roses. I spent quite a it of time dawdling on Wednesday. At work, we’ve been involved in a death march, basically, working a lot of hours, including weekends, trying to reach a deadline that is really impossible to meet – simply put, not enough time. So, Wednesday, I went in a bit late…

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