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Well, Nikon has issued a recall of the D750 for shutter issues. Mine has had the issue a few times. Oddly enough, all of them, about 4 times, happened in India. None happened before and none since. The camera is off, I turn it on, go to take a shot, blackness as the shutter locks in place. Turn the camera off and back on, still the same. Depress the shutter button once, shutter unlocks, camera goes back to normal operation…


I was just looking back through some of my photos from Raj’s wedding. As a friend, I had the privilege of getting a behind-the-scenes look at the preparation. For the most part his nephew, Sid, helped him to get dressed, getting his hair just right, and whatever else he needed. He was a big help. It was fun watching Raj prepare for the wedding, get immigration papers ready, give directions to friends and relatives, etc. Normally, he’s pretty quiet –…


I remember when there was a time when I couldn’t even conceive of being 50, let alone 54, yet here I am. My sister posted the featured picture on her Facebook timeline. She’s the keeper of the archives. She has papers, awards, pictures, everything. I never know what will surface – it’s rather fun. Today I sat for a rather informal, self-portrait I wanted to do something quick and easy. So, I just sat on the edge of my bed…


I realize that that which I’m about to say is truly and fully a first-world problem. Here, in southwestern Charlotte, at least in my neighborhood we have two choices for internet service. We can go with TWC (Time Warner Cable) and get speeds up to 100 Mb/second with uptime somewhere in the dozens of minutes. Or, we can go with AT&T U-verse and get 18 Mb/s, but it is very reliable. I tried TWC many times, at least three or…


It’s Friday afternoon; the house is warm and smells of rotisserie chicken; it’s snowing outside – nature’s little reminder to those of us that live in Charlotte that it’s still winter, and it’s pretty quiet inside, nothing but the hum of the heater, the turning of the rotisserie, and the occasional click of the shutter – well, there is the click of the keyboard keys when I’m working 🙂


On the way to Munnar, India, the driver stopped for lunch at a local vegetarian restaurant. I went to the washroom to wash my hands before eating and was greeted by this sign, one posted over each of the two sinks available. Interesting. I’m happy to say that ate lunch, without incident, and had no need to vomit in the sink, nor elsewhere. 🙂

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