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It’s Friday afternoon; the house is warm and smells of rotisserie chicken; it’s snowing outside – nature’s little reminder to those of us that live in Charlotte that it’s still winter, and it’s pretty quiet inside, nothing but the hum of the heater, the turning of the rotisserie, and the occasional click of the shutter – well, there is the click of the keyboard keys when I’m working 🙂


On the way to Munnar, India, the driver stopped for lunch at a local vegetarian restaurant. I went to the washroom to wash my hands before eating and was greeted by this sign, one posted over each of the two sinks available. Interesting. I’m happy to say that ate lunch, without incident, and had no need to vomit in the sink, nor elsewhere. 🙂

Next door neighbor

Slightly over a month ago, Christmas Eve, I was parked on the edge of a river, next to several rice paddies. I spent the night on a houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala, brackish lagoon waters off of the Arabian Sea. During the afternoon we cruised the waters, stopping to buy some prawns, then continuing on down the river, finally docking at 5:30 PM because the boats have to leave the river at that time to allow fisherman to have…


Death may be a bit strong of a word, but let us just say that, for this year, I think that my travel bug will be a bit, shall we say, less adventurous, closer to home, and certainly less expensive. When I added up all of the flight segments and their associated air miles, I covered 32,269 miles in the air. That, my friends, is the total distance around the earth (24,901) and then some! 1.3 times, approximately. I cannot…

Ummm. The fire?

OK. I’ll admit it, I’m not used to seeing fires at a wedding! There you have it. However, at the wedding of Raj and Parthavi, there was plenty of fire to be had. In fact, I think that the priest had a “thing” for fire. The larger the fire got, the more “ceremonial” oil that he added to it. From my vantage point in the front row, I had a good view of the bride & groom as well as…


I’m trying a new subscribe to comments plug-in because the one that I was using, Subscribe to Comments Reloaded, just got updated and crashed the site. Not cool. Anyway, this new one is called Postmatic and seems to be pretty cool. It will allow you to reply to comments that you subscribed to from your e-mail. No need to visit the site to reply. Please give it a try and let me know how it works out, por favor (please)…

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