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It’s usually some months down the line when I realize that I didn’t change the time on my digital cameras and, really it’s not big deal especially since “Standard” time is so short, lasting a scant few months. The only time it kind of matters is if two cameras have different times and I use both of them on the same day. It makes the capture time sorting kind of strange. I saw the light in this picture in my…


The first of November roared into Charlotte bringing lots of rain and high winds. Pretty much all day, there was a very stiff breeze, around 20 – 25 MPH, perhaps. During the late afternoon, around 3 I would suppose, the clouds parted for a bit and let the sunshine grace us for a couple of hours on the last day of Daylight Saving’s Time. I was out doing a little shopping, not at, but near Target and I happened upon…


I’ve been checking back, now and again, to see how the fall colors are progressing. Alas, they are pretty muted this year; however, there is one tree that I can always count on, every year. It’s not let me down in 3 falls in a row. It’s in McDowell Nature Preserve and it stands at the edge of the water, very close to the tree in the other post with all of the fishing lines. It too is a great…


Well, autumn has made its appearance. This tree told of summertime stories, of fishing, of learning, of laughter.


Saturday morning, around a little after 7:00 AM, I spent about 30 minutes sitting on a boat ramp near the edge of the water, watching the sunrise. It was quite, cool, peaceful, orange … perfect.


From the 13th floor, if I look west (to my right), I can see BB&T Stadium, new home of the Charlotte Knights minor league baseball team. I hadn’t realized that it was so close to where I worked. On Tuesday, I decided to go for a walk during lunch. It was a beautiful day, about 80 degrees or so. As I headed towards BB&T Stadium, I had to pass through a park that I didn’t even know existed. The name…

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