On the cheap

These are ideas for photography accessories that won’t stretch your budget:

Idea Description Contributor
Paper plate reflector Use paper plates as reflectors to add fill light to macro shots. Use doll sized mirrors from the Dollar Store to add highlights to certain areas of your macro shots Michael Brown
Needle Stitch Hoop diffuser Head for Wal-mart or your favorite store and grab a needle stitch hoop and your favorite colored cloth for a cool light diffuser. Your total cost, about $5.00, perhaps less! Micki Harbour
Portable cloud Grab yourself a white kitchen garbage bag and head out to the field. Makes for a fine portable cloud to allow nice soft light on those sunny days. John Seltzer
Cardboard/Garbage bag platform No need to sacrifice those low shots because of a bit of wet ground! Cardboard and/or garbage bags do the trick! Simply place them on the ground and you have yourself a nice shooting platform. Micki/Thomas
Camera Rain Coat Sneak a 1 gallon Zip-lock (or your favorite brand) out of the pantry and keep it in your bag. If it starts to rain, you can slip this over your important gear. Anita Jesse
Portable changing room Zip-Lock to the rescue again. If you find yourself in windy/sandy conditions, change your lenses while your camera is protected with the Zip-Lock or garbage bag. Paul Lester