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Well, some color has finally come to the piedmont. There are splotches of color throughout the forest, some yellows, some reds, even a few oranges here and there, but not the Florida kind! 🙂 This morning there was a bit of fog, so I skipped the usual walk and headed to the lake, hoping that there would be quite a bit of fog there. There was some, though not quite a bit. What was there lended a nice pastel feeling…


During this morning’s walk, I saw these students waiting on the bus, taking advantage of the shade. Today, it’s about 86 degrees here in Charlotte. Not exactly the fall-like weather that I had hoped for. However, the rest of the week looks promising with highs in the 60s and lows in the low 50s. Fingers crossed! 🙂


First the weather, now the leaves. I was on the way back from home from Asheville and noticed that the leaves, especially in the higher elevations, like Asheville, have begun to turn. There are even a few here in Charlotte that have gotten the message, too. I imagine that by the end of next week, it will all pretty much be done. I noticed, too, that there were a number of Florida license plates to be seen. Damned leaf peepers…


This morning, I decided to kind of forego the normal neighborhood walk and take a walk in the park. Off to McDowell Nature Preserve I went. I hoped to find a bit of mist rising from the water, which I did. Unexpectedly, I saw a lone fisherman sitting on the end of the dock, enjoying the view and the quiet. He wasn’t using a cell phone, didn’t have a radio, no sounds emanated from his direction, save for the one…


Well, the water wasn’t that hot, more like the air was that cold. After Matthew moved on, we had a cold front get sucked right into our neck of the woods. Suddenly, autumn had arrived! 🙂


During this morning’s walk, I noticed several spiderwebs on various bushes, all saturated with dew. We haven’t had any appreciable amount of rain in several weeks, only hot weather, high humidity. The retention ponds are pretty low as well due to the heat and subsequent evaporation, but the ducks are making the best of it. It appears that the herons have moved on to find deeper water. Hopefully, now that summer is officially over, we can get some autumn-like weather…

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