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Just in front of the rain

I took this picture last Friday, the last sunny day that we’ve had for a few days. I don’t mind the rain at all. In fact, I think that we needed it. I enjoy the cooler temperatures, low clouds, mist, foggy-ish mornings, all things reminiscent  of autumn. After the steady rain subsides, I think that it will be time to head back into the woods to have a look at all of the leaves on the ground. Last time, looking up, next…

Love is the answer

He must have given it a lot of thought and he was a smart guy, so who am I to dispute his conclusion. 🙂


There’s no riot of colors, nor are there any RV drivers holding up traffic along the 1 mile drive in McDowell Nature Preserve. All was quiet yesterday morning when I went for a walk amongst the leaves, the trees, and of course, the squirrels. 🙂 The temperature was in the low to mid-50 range. It felt quite good.


I took this photo on September 4th, about a month ago. We hadn’t had much rain at all during the summer. The lake level was quite low. These rocks were normally under a couple of feet of water and the “beach” that I used is usually inaccessible, unless you want to go wading. This morning, before work, I stopped by to have a look. Everything is back under water, the beach is not accessible, and the lake is pretty full…


This morning, I noticed that the temperature was a pleasant 68 degrees with only 60% humidity. I thought: What a great day for a morning walk. I grabbed my Olympus OM-D E-M1, and set out. Along the way, I passed my neighbor, Donna, who was out in her lawn, as usual, making sure that every blade of grass was the proper height and in its place. No stray leaves or anything are permitted! Her yard is always, and I mean always…


The first of November roared into Charlotte bringing lots of rain and high winds. Pretty much all day, there was a very stiff breeze, around 20 – 25 MPH, perhaps. During the late afternoon, around 3 I would suppose, the clouds parted for a bit and let the sunshine grace us for a couple of hours on the last day of Daylight Saving’s Time. I was out doing a little shopping, not at, but near Target and I happened upon…

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