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Ummm, Vanessa? Not quite yet. Probably in a few more weeks! 🙂 We were doing our walk along the Ohio/Erie Canal Tow Path and Vanessa remembered the ice skating pond. Although they indicated that it was closed, she decided to give it a go anyway 😀


I’ve heard some people say that New Yorkers are rude. I wouldn’t say that. It’s not been my experience. New York, specifically, Manhattan, is a busy place. There are lots of people, traffic, and things to do. I might go as far to say that some New Yorkers can be brusque, but perhaps the word “efficient” is a kinder, more telling word. 🙂 I was walking down 25th Street on the way to work when I was passing two gentlemen…


Vanessa and I were riding the Caltrain on the way to San Francisco from San Jose. While we were in Europe, I took a number of photos of her while she sat across from me on various trains. I may even have a snap or two of her riding the rails in Charlotte; however, I don’t have any of myself. I decided to give her my camera and let her take my picture. I set the camera to recognize faces…


Perhaps it could have been an isolated incident, but then when I saw these in San Jose, California, some 2,700 miles away, I just knew the truth, and you do too! Vanessa spotted these innocuous-looking pair of abandoned sneakers along a walkway in a park in San Jose while we were out with Pedro. Notice that on the opposite side of the table, there is a pack of stickers, too! Hmmmm. And, if you want more proof, this lady actually…


So, there I was, out on a walk, minding my own business. I was headed for my normal 1/2 way point, the fountain. I noticed that someone had added a little bit of soap to the mix. I stepped closer to have a look. The bubbles seemed quite innocuous, tranquil. They were swaying back and forth with the modest breeze that was created by the fountain. Beautiful. I stepped closer to have a look and suddenly, they attached! Imagine my…


During my walks this week, I’ve come upon some empty pairs of shoes. Now, you might not think anything of it, but I’m connecting the dots! These unfortunate guys have been abducted! I’m sure of it. It’s too much of a coincidence! 😀

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