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On the way to Munnar, India, the driver stopped for lunch at a local vegetarian restaurant. I went to the washroom to wash my hands before eating and was greeted by this sign, one posted over each of the two sinks available. Interesting. I’m happy to say that ate lunch, without incident, and had no need to vomit in the sink, nor elsewhere.


Obviously, this goat needs no directions on how to find food! On the way back from Golpapur, on the Bay of Bengal, we arrived in the city of Bhubaneswar, which is where Raj’s house is located. When we got there, the driver stopped several times to ask people for directions on how to get to the hotel. He was speaking in his native language of Odia, but it was clear that he was asking and receiving directions. He’d stop at…

Online and Offline at the same time.

A working man needs a break, so perhaps you should walk from here, or give the number a call and someone can give you a lift, but not him. Or perhaps he’s hooked up to the truck and waiting for his ride!


The other day, I went out and took some pictures of this guy, Metalmorphosis. When I got back home, I looked at the pictures on my screen and thought: None of these look that sharp. They’re all a tiny bit fuzzy. I wonder what went wrong? When I returned back from vacation, I noticed that my reading glasses seemed to be a bit off. The right lens seemed fine, but the left one looked a little distorted. Just to make…


I’m back from vacation now, so this morning it was time for a bit of yard work. I grabbed a t-shirt, got ready to get into the thick of it. The t-shirt that I grabbed was one from Tony’s high school days. It has a graphic of a Spartan on it – their mascot. I started to laugh because I thought of an exchange that I had with a store clerk in Paris. Vanessa and I had popped in to…


This morning I noticed quite a number of juvenile rabbits playing here and there. I guess that they’ve left the nest now and are on their own. As I was finishing up, about to head into the house, I noticed one such fellow in my neighbor’s yard. He saw me and went for cover. He hid behind a small flower, ears sticking up above the flower, eyes hidden. Not a very good hiding place, but pretty funny to me. I…

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