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Well, some color has finally come to the piedmont. There are splotches of color throughout the forest, some yellows, some reds, even a few oranges here and there, but not the Florida kind! 🙂 This morning there was a bit of fog, so I skipped the usual walk and headed to the lake, hoping that there would be quite a bit of fog there. There was some, though not quite a bit. What was there lended a nice pastel feeling…


This morning, I decided to kind of forego the normal neighborhood walk and take a walk in the park. Off to McDowell Nature Preserve I went. I hoped to find a bit of mist rising from the water, which I did. Unexpectedly, I saw a lone fisherman sitting on the end of the dock, enjoying the view and the quiet. He wasn’t using a cell phone, didn’t have a radio, no sounds emanated from his direction, save for the one…


I must admit that I do rather like my morning walks … when the humidity is not 99% and the temperature is in the 60s. The bugs are less active and the air feels cooler. Recently, we’ve had a pretty good run of almost daily thunderstorms and high morning humidity – the type of humidity that causes my glasses to fog immediately when transition from my nicely air conditioned house to the rain forest! There is a nice side effect…


Listen! What’s missing? The hum of the air conditioning compressor? The sound of the blower for the heater? Yes, both are missing! – all that can be heard around here is the noises from outside which are normally kept at bay by closed doors and windows as I attempt to keep the interior regulated to a nice, comfortable temperature for myself. Now, the doors and windows are open and the breeze can flow throughout the house. This transition between winter…


There’s no riot of colors, nor are there any RV drivers holding up traffic along the 1 mile drive in McDowell Nature Preserve. All was quiet yesterday morning when I went for a walk amongst the leaves, the trees, and of course, the squirrels. 🙂 The temperature was in the low to mid-50 range. It felt quite good.


This toadstool was positioned so perfectly in the sun that I don’t think that I would have been surprised to see a toad lounging, taking in the morning rays, but unfortunately, there was no toad. 🙂

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