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Listen! What’s missing? The hum of the air conditioning compressor? The sound of the blower for the heater? Yes, both are missing! – all that can be heard around here is the noises from outside which are normally kept at bay by closed doors and windows as I attempt to keep the interior regulated to a nice, comfortable temperature for myself. Now, the doors and windows are open and the breeze can flow throughout the house. This transition between winter…


There’s no riot of colors, nor are there any RV drivers holding up traffic along the 1 mile drive in McDowell Nature Preserve. All was quiet yesterday morning when I went for a walk amongst the leaves, the trees, and of course, the squirrels. 🙂 The temperature was in the low to mid-50 range. It felt quite good.


This toadstool was positioned so perfectly in the sun that I don’t think that I would have been surprised to see a toad lounging, taking in the morning rays, but unfortunately, there was no toad. 🙂


I took this photo on September 4th, about a month ago. We hadn’t had much rain at all during the summer. The lake level was quite low. These rocks were normally under a couple of feet of water and the “beach” that I used is usually inaccessible, unless you want to go wading. This morning, before work, I stopped by to have a look. Everything is back under water, the beach is not accessible, and the lake is pretty full…


Last night, I was browsing Google Earth, seeing what was around my area. I noticed a small like that I’d never seen. So, this morning, before going to work, I set out to see what this lake was about. Unfortunately for me, the lake was a private lake. It was behind the gates at a gated community. As I drove back, circling around Lake Wylie, I noticed that there access to the lake was almost exclusively through some piece of…


This morning, just before sunrise, I went back to McDowell Nature Preserve with my Nikon 105 mm macro lens, Nikon D750, and a my tripod. I wanted to take a closer look at the shells on the beach, the normally inaccessible beach. I spent a pleasant hour or so photographing various things of interest to me. This weekend, I spent quite a bit of time on the tripod. It’s a great way to slow down. The only thing that I…

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